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Bridging the gap between commitment and action to advance women’s leadership in development

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In this series, Devex will explore some of the factors contributing to the gap and advice for professionals and organizations for closing it. Through advice articles, op-eds from industry leaders, online events and a virtual career fair for mid-senior level women, this week is all devoted to closing the gender leadership gap.

The numbers behind the issue

As a leader in promoting women’s equality worldwide, the development sector has a leadership challenge of its own. According to a 2018 study by Quantum Impact, 44 percent of global development leadership teams are comprised of women. While compared to other industries this looks like a positive statistic, it obscures the fact that 71 percent of entry-level development workers are women, meaning a 41 percent decline as women move from early career to senior positions. 20 percent of development organizations do not have a single woman on their leadership teams and four out of five organizations have boards that are not gender balanced.

Opinion: Amplifying citizens' voices as a critical investment for well-being

By Ann Hudock

Citizens’ voices and demands for state transparency and accountability are important ingredients for a healthy democracy. When people raise their voices around issues they care about — including health services and education — they insist on greater responsiveness from the government that is meant to serve them.

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Counterpart International is a global development organization that works with partners around the world to implement innovative and enduring solutions to social, economic, and environmental challenges. Counterpart’s programs place emphasis on inclusion of marginalized and vulnerable groups, especially women, as project implementers and beneficiaries of improved skills to better their lives.

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"Citizens’ ability to raise their voices and discuss their needs with government is the most important part of the compact between the governed and the governing. Freedom of expression is a human right. Too often, voices are either not heard or drowned out by other more powerful voices. The health of any society is determined by the ability of the weakest, least powerful, or most marginalized to speak out and the willingness of government to respond.”
Ann Hudock - Executive Vice President