(Un)conscious Bias

As a sector devoted to doing good, we often dismiss our own biases, conscious or not, that can create barriers for women and underrepresented populations to advance in their career. Here we dig into some of the personal and systemic biases negatively impacting women and how we can break through them.

Opinion: Development professionals, here's how to shatter the glass box

By Indira Ahluwalia

The term “glass ceiling” conjures images of an invisible and seemingly impenetrable barrier that keeps women from advancing above a certain hierarchy. An employee with many gradients of differences — gender plus sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity or disability — faces even greater constraints for both vertical and lateral shifts.

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Opinion: Is the USAID 1420 biodata form contributing to the gender pay gap?

By Kate Warren

Whether you call it a 1420, a biodata form, or simply an “EBD”, anyone who has worked on a United States Agency for International Development-funded contract is well acquainted with the “contractor employee biographical data sheet.”

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