Mind The Gap

Here we take a deep dive into the factors contributing to the gender leadership gap, practical steps organizations can take to improve and the advantages having a balanced, diverse leadership team brings to an organization’s mission.

Opinion: Coaching is a must to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion

By Sarah Grausz, Joelle Jackson

During the last decade, career coaching has become ubiquitous with leadership development thanks to its relatively low cost and high return on investment.

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Opinion: Women need both competency and confidence to break the glass ceiling

By Yvonne Chen

The following story was shared anonymously by a woman leader. She recalls the experience that helped her overcome her inhibitions and pursue an overseas chief of party position. To other women, she urges them to pursue positions that they’re not 100 percent sure they’re qualified for.

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Opinion: Here's how to close the global health gender leadership gap

By Constancia Mavodza

It is time to deal with the persistent gender leadership gap in global health. Here’s what we know: when disaggregated by sex, there are many fewer women than men in positions of leadership within the global health arena.

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