Women @ Work

From balancing caretaker responsibilities, to dealing with microaggressions at the office, to negotiating a raise, we dig into some of the barriers holding women back in their careers and advice for how we can create more inclusive workplaces.

What are the challenges for female country directors?

By Lisa Cornish

In Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam, opportunities for women to be leaders remain relatively scarce. Even within NGOs that focus on women and girls programming, women directors remain a rarity. Fighting against such cultural and societal norms are three women who have become country directors for ChildFund.

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Interactive: Is country director experience necessary to win a country director job?

By Lisa Cornish

The role of a country director is highly sought after in the development space. After reporting on the challenges facing female country directors, Devex was contacted by a number of women who shared obstacles they faced getting a foot in the door — and by others inspired to take a leap and throw their hat into the ring.

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How self-doubt manifests in men versus women

By Emma Smith

Executive career coach Shana Montesol Johnson joined Devex at the career forum in Washington, D.C., in March and lead a thought-provoking session on recognizing and quieting your inner critic.

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Opinion: 3 considerations for women rising in global development leadership

By Fiona Macaulay

Many employees working in the nonprofit sector are women — yet the higher you climb the organizational ladder, the fewer women you see; there is a “glass ceiling” in the international development sector. It’s not as pronounced as in the Fortune 500 or the tech worlds — where higher compensation and prestige translate to men dominating at each step of the corporate ladder — but it’s real.

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