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Youth Will is an interactive online conversation that explores the power of youth around the globe to change their own futures and those of their peers. Together with our partners, we’ll dig into the ways youth are taking advantage of innovative learning models, acting as engines of economic growth and driving forward peace initiatives for their local communities.

What is youth will?


What young people need to lead

Around the world, countless young people are eager to shape their communities. But governance structures, poverty and a lack of education and employment can muffle these voices. Here's how to make a change.

Never touch anything with half your heart

Ange Kagame isn't just Rwanda's "first daughter" — the budding philanthropist is part of a new generation of leaders ready to transform Africa. What's her vision for the continent's future? An interview by Rolf Rosenkranz.

3 ways to engage, empower and activate environmentally minded youth

With the right tools, young people can become the problem solvers who tackle challenges related to climate change and degraded natural resources. By Philippe Cousteau Jr., co-founder and president of EarthEcho International.

Investing in youth resilience

Building youth resilience and capacity is both a right and an imperative, write U.N.-Habitat's Doug Ragan and Ravi Karkara.