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Recent years have seen a growth in private philanthropy as a source of funding for development. But which foundations are leading the charge? And what are their unique priorities?

Devex has done the heavy lifting for you. Our expert analysts have aggregated data from OECD, grant boards, and annual and financial reports, to give you an inside look at the strategies of the largest foundations funding development.

In our exclusive report, you’ll get insights on:

  • The top funding priorities for each major foundation.
  • How foundations partner with implementing organizations.
  • Resources available and funding opportunities.
  • Analysis of trends across agriculture, climate, health, poverty, and more.

With plenty of data-driven guidance, this report is your road map to working with these influential development partners. Use it to identify prospects, align your programs, and unlock new partnerships.

Download the report today and start building strategic partnerships with leading private donors.

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