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You're a candidate with great qualifications and big career goals, but it can be difficult to communicate those things quickly to a busy global development recruiter.
We can help with that.

The Devex CV Writing Service has been designed to highlight your skills in a way that will catch a recruiter's eye, and help you land your dream job.

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Get your CV ready for review by top global development recruiters in 4 easy steps.

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    Show us where we're starting by sending an editable version (preferably a Word document) of your most recent CV
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    Tell us about yourself through a short questionnaire about your past work experience and future career goals
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    Check your email. In about 2 weeks, you'll receive a draft of your professionally-written CV ready for you to review.
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    Collaborate with your CV writer and discuss any feedback that you have during a 30-minute Skype call, so we can deliver your recruiter-ready final draft.

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CV Writing starts at $399 (USD) and varies depending on your total years of experience. Pricing is competitive to other similar services, but we are the only organization committed to investing the required time, attention and industry expertise to ensure your experience results in a highly effective global development CV. Devex members with a Career Account receive a $100 discount on their total.

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"Devex's CV Writing service has helped me to better focus my CV on the results and outcomes of my work. It was a great opportunity to reflect on what I have actually accomplished and the critical factors for solving problems."
Gerold Schwarz
Gerold Schwarz
Specialist- Poverty Reduction, Employment Creation & Social Enterprise
"I invested in Devex CV writing service to ensure my extensive non-profit executive and consulting experience, was communicated into the terms and outcome measures used in the field of global development. The results: an offer from international consulting firm in D.C., executive-level interviews for two full-time positions and one accepted offer which I have already started."
Joyce Hollingsworth
Joyce Hollingsworth
Director or Admissions
"I have a very broad work history and a wide base of professional experience. Devex helped me to establish a "golden thread" through my range of expertise, tying all that I did back to my essential job responsibilities and clarifying concisely what I accomplished during these diverse experiences."
John Kepner
John Kepner
Senior Capacity Development &
Learning Advisor
"Getting a totally independent perspective on my career and how it's presented was invaluable in assisting me to best present myself for development project opportunities."
Ross Worthington
Ross Worthington
Project Director
"I was very impressed about how the CV writers managed to extract from my current CV and rewrite it to appear very professional and still easy to read - having all the important information included. It was worth every penny and I have already recommended your service to many."
Nanna Zerlang Skriver
Nanna Zerlang Skriver
Senior Advisor
"With Devex's assistance, I feel my resume represents the full scope of my accomplishments. Before using Devex, I may have been selling myself short to employers. Now I am confident that I am putting my best foot forward every time I apply for a job."
Robinson Cook
Robinson Cook
Program Director