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Healthy Means is an online conversation advancing the discussion around future challenges and opportunities in global health. From breakthroughs in preventing chronic and non-communicable diseases to disruptive innovations changing the landscape of technology, access, delivery, and more, Healthy Means looks to the next stage of progress as the post-2015 agenda nears. We'll examine ways access, living longer, new ideas, and working together are all integral to achieving outcomes for a more healthful world.

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The next big challenge: From new ideas to greater health outcomes

There's no dearth of ideas to improve global health. Success often hinges on leadership, funding and the ability to scale up innovative ways to deliver care around the world. Devex, along with leading players in global health, will explore new ideas as part of #HealthyMeans.

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How to help us live longer — and better — lives

For us to live longer and better lives, a multifaceted, multidisciplinary approach is needed that targets at-risk populations, encourages healthy behavior and empowers communities to drive change.

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How to improve access to affordable health care

Access to care: It’s one of the great enablers of — or impediments to — health; improving it means focusing on both the availability and the affordability of care. Here's how we can do it.

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What makes a global health partnership succeed

The rhetoric — and practice — around global health partnerships has evolved in recent years. As the international community gears up for a new, post-2015 global development agenda, it's time to take stock and examine what makes a successful collaboration that improves care and enables even the most marginalized people to live healthier and more fulfilled lives.