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Locally led approaches, integrated development, policy coherence for development, and systems thinking are testament to a move towards holistic and sustainable ways of working. But what does this mean for the global development community?

Armed with a new set of targets and indicators following a momentous year of international agreements, donors, governments, development practitioners, civil society, and the private sector are beginning to reimagine how to work together to address myriad interrelated challenges and transition away from traditional ways of working, accessing new funding sources, and pivoting towards more connected and cross-cutting approaches to solving global problems.

Over 3 weeks, Devex and its partner Chemonics will explore how the development sector can work together to promote inclusive, local, and sustainable approaches to development. Drive the conversation forward by following #Global2Local and tagging @Devex.

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Together, we are stronger

Article By Gabriella Jóźwiak

Development practitioners are increasingly striving for holistic solutions to global problems, believing the approach can deliver sustainable change. In this feature, Devex speaks to professionals who are integrating local and global solutions, and asks where and how the sector should focus its efforts.

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Going for broke

Going for broke — why investing in the unbanked shows a good return

Article By Gabriella Jóźwiak

Delivering economic empowerment and financial inclusion to people in underdeveloped countries could fuel improvements across development goals. Devex spoke with Eileen Hoffman, director of the economic growth and trade practice at Chemonics, about what development practitioners should focus on in projects to deliver economic empowerment.

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Global to local collaboration key to eradicating poverty

Facebook Live

How do we make #Global2Local a reality? Devex spoke to Eric Reading, Chemonics' executive vice president, about what global to local really looks like in practice.

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From our Partner

Market Development

Market Development at the Nexus between Public and Private

Article By Chemonics International

How can we work to ensure "decent work for all?" Chemonics' Director John Thissen explores how the public and private sectors can work together to spur sustainable market development.

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Teacher Learning Circles: A Locally Owned Complement to Coaching

Article By Chemonics International

Chemonics’ Emet Mohr and Paige Morency Notario discuss two benefits of using teacher learning circles for continuous teacher professional development: local ownership and cost-effectiveness.

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3 Questions with Bassey Archibong: Inclusive Development in Nigeria

Article By Chemonics International

In Nigeria, marginalized groups hold great economic potential: most small- and medium-scale enterprises are run by vulnerable populations. In this blog post, Chemonics’ Bassey Archibong explains why inclusion is a must.

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