Meet Our Distinguished Guest Speakers

Hans Farnhammer,Head of Development Cooperation, EU Delegation to the Philippines

Meet Our Distinguished Guest Speakers

Tony Meloto, Founder and Chairman, Gawad Kalinga

Meet Our Distinguished Guest Speakers

Shanaka Jayanath Peiris, Resident Representative - Philippines, IMF

Organizational development for enhancing impact and

cultivating sustainable partnerships

Led by RTI International

Meet Our Distinguished Guest Speakers

Denise Rollins, Acting Assistant Administrator, Asia Bureau, USAID

Meet Our Distinguished Guest Speakers

Stephen P. Groff, VP for East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific, ADB


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About the Devex Partnerships & Career Forum

More and more development aid is flowing to the local level. That's true in East Africa, which is why we hosted our first ever Partnerships & Career Forum in Nairobi last year. And it's true in Asia, where we are hosting our next such event this June 10-11 in Manila.

The trend toward local development has lots of implications, but here is perhaps the biggest: organizations headquartered in places like Washington, DC and London must increasingly extend their business development and recruiting efforts to places like Nairobi and Manila. That's not easy to do – it's a big world and getting local everywhere and all at once is a challenge for even the largest development organizations. So – at the urging of our members – Devex is creating a ready-made opportunity for you and your organization to explore opportunities in the Asian market.

Asia is home to some of the biggest and fastest growing aid flows – think Burma, Indonesia, Vietnam. And in the Philippines in particular, big challenges (Super Typhoon Haiyan) and big opportunities (the peace agreement just signed in Mindanao) are converging to create a substantial need for development organizations to work in the region.

Simply put, in the Philippines and across Asia, more decision-making and hiring is taking place on the ground than ever before.

Our two-day Partnerships & Career Forum will convene delegates from donors, international aid agencies and Asian development organizations and touch on issues specific to development in the Philippines, as well as those facing the entire aid community including governance, climate change, urban infrastructure, disaster relief and resilience, and localization of aid. Exhibitors will also have the opportunity to meet with locally based talent on the second day of the Forum, to establish new connections for hiring in the region.

Day 1: Partnerships Forum
  • Tuesday, June 10, 2014
  • 9:00 AM- 6:00 PM
  • Metro Manila (Exact location to be provided upon acceptance)
Day 2: Career Forum
  • Wednesday, June 11, 2014
  • 11:00 AM-6:00 PM
  • Metro Manila (Exact location to be provided upon acceptance)
  • If your organization is interested in connecting with other international development agencies, finding new regionally based partners in Asia or meeting top talent in the field, you should attend the Devex Partnerships & Career Forum in Manila.
  • The audience will be comprised of CEOs, directors of business development, team leads, chiefs of party, and recruiters from organizations working in development fields such as health conflict mitigation, agriculture, mobile technology etc.
  • Admission for up to 3 organizational delegates for each day of the Forum is included in the price of a standard exhibit booth.

June 10, 2014- Day 1

9:30 - 11:00 AM

Asia is Rising; Development is Changing

The Partnerships Forum commences with a high-level panel that will set the stage for the day's discussion. The panel will directly address the issue of localization of global development and how all stakeholders are changing the way they do business.

11:15 - 12:30 PM

Concurrent Panel Sessions

Following the plenary, participants will choose to attend one of five panel sessions. These sessions will have a narrow focus on specific, practical issues related to partnership.

  • Organizational development for enhancing impact and cultivating sustainable partnerships
  • This interactive session will explore how participating organizations can create and foster meaningful partnerships, both with international organizations and donor agencies. It will also discuss strategies for building your organization's capacity as a strategy to provide more direct services to international development projects. The session's panelists will share their personal experiences but also draw substantially on audience participation and Q & A.

    Led by Executive Partner, RTI International

  • Global climate change: Addressing development challenges through public-private partnerships
  • Global climate change has imposed upon the international development community new challenges in lifting vulnerable populations out of poverty with long-term, sustainable impact. The international donor community has determined that the financing required for renewable energy or adaptation projects greatly exceeds readily available development funds. The result is a new focus on leveraging profit-seeking private capital. This panel will showcase perspectives of these public-private partnerships and provide a best-practices guide for international development professionals to unlock their high-impact potential.

    Led by Engility International Development

  • Community Resiliency & Leadership: Disaster Risk Management after Typhoon Yolanda
  • Devastation caused by large-scale disasters and climate change impose a huge economic and human toll on the developing countries of Asia. Six months after Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda hit the Philippines, the "bayanihan" or community spirit remains strong across the archipelago. What is the role of community leadership and good governance in building local resiliency to natural disasters? What have local and national governments learned about ways to strengthen their disaster risk management capacity?Join a diverse panel of speakers to discuss.

    Led by The Asia Foundation

12:30 - 2:00 PM

Reserved-Seating Luncheon Discussion on the Mindanao Peace Process facilitated by Pete Trolio

The lunch hour will facilitate networking and discussion. All participants will have assigned seating and tables will be designed to match-up participants who may find value in meeting.

2:15 - 3:30 PM


Following the luncheon, we will create an opportunity for practical learning in an interactive setting. Participants may choose a workshop that best matches their interests.

  • Social enterprises: Cultivating an enabling environment for sustainable development
    Led by Devex

    How have social enterprises brought their innovative solutions to scale in today's economy? How are they able to adapt these solutions to ensure sustainability in the development landscape? Join us for a discussion with some leading social entrepreneurs in the region - the brains behind these approaches - about the elements of a sustainable social enterprise. These leaders will focus on what it takes to scale up a business model, achieve economic development results, and apply these skills in an international development context.

  • Transcending Ultrapoverty: best practices for local NGOs to build capacity and innovate to drive greater impact
    Led by International Care Ministries

    This session will discuss the business principles that a local NGO should use when trying to grow to scale. Businesses focus on "return on investment" – maximizing impact for minimum cost. These same principles can apply to an NGO: A local NGO should do market research and identify its "customers", continually fine tune its strategies to maximize its impact reduce expenditures and should identify its distribution system.

  • Strengthening Health Systems through Effective Partnerships
    Led by World Vision International

    Encouraging advancements in global health have been made over the past decade. However, health issues will continue to be a top priority post-2015. Join World Vision as they facilitate an interactive dialogue on successful models of partnerships and collaboration which strengthen health systems and results that can be applied in the years to come.

  • Agriculture & Value Chains: Making Markets Work for the Poor
    Led by Cardno

    DFAT, DFID, and other key donor agencies have increasingly supported new market system approaches to improve livelihoods and reduce poverty. Cardno Emerging Markets uses the Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P) approach to poverty reduction across a variety of programs in South East Asia, South Asia, and the Pacific. Renee Crossley, will share best practices on the use of Donor Committee on Enterprise Development (DCED) Standard as part of their Cambodian Agriculture Value Chain (CAVAC) Program and facilitate a discussion on how these standards can be applied to monitor and evaluate other value chain projects.

3:30 - 4:00 PM

Coffee Reception

4:00 - 5:00 PM

Donor Partner Roundtable

During these informal and off-the-record small table discussions, participants can speak with key bi-lateral and multi-lateral officials to learn about their regional priorities and the best ways to engage with them.

4:00 - 6:00 PM

Partners Fair in the Exhibition Hall

Exhibiting organizations will provide an opportunity for local organization representatives to learn more about potential partnership opportunities.

6:00 PM

Evening Cocktail Reception

We will end the day with a reception to network and continue conversations from across the day. Partnerships Forum attendees will have an open evening for dinner and may make plans with participants they met during the day.

June 11, 2014- Day 2

12:00 PM

Registration Opens

1:00 - 2:00 PM

Keep Current: Finding your place in the next wave of global development

The international development landscape is undergoing transformative change. Trends like localization, increased private sector engagement, innovation and value for money are no longer just talking points and are now ingrained in global development work.

How are these changes affecting career opportunities in South East Asia? How can local and expat development professionals stay in demand in this dynamic sector? And what skills do professionals need to stay relevant in Manila and beyond?

This panel of distinguished leaders across several different development sectors will discuss how these trends are impacting who they hire, what skills are needed and what you can do to stand out.

2:00 - 5:00 PM

Career Fair in the Exhibition Hall

2:30 - 3:30 PM

Special breakout session: Behind the buzzword: Development jobs in innovation

Whether you work for a social enterprise, NGO, development agency, consulting firm or are a budding entrepreneur, innovation is becoming more and more important to establishing yourself as a leader in global development. Learn what it actually means to be an innovator, what jobs are available in this growing field- and the skills they require- and how to apply innovation to your area of expertise during this panel discussion.

3:45- 4:45 PM

Special breakout session: Take the 'work' out of networking

You know you need to do it to advance your career, but do you have a winning strategy for networking? During this interactive workshop with executive & career coach Shana Montesol Johnson, explore how your mindset affects your networking results, get practical tips for framing your approach to play to your natural strengths and learn how to craft an effective elevator pitch.

5:00 - 6:00 PM

Open Networking Reception

We will end the day with a reception to network and continue conversations from across the day.


check Includes passes for up to 3 delegate representatives and 6 foot skirted table on each day of the event

"Devex events provide a significant boost to Engility's engagement with development partners. We love the way the events allow our team to exchange ideas and contacts around the most pressing development issues."

Philip DeCosse
Vice President of Business Development, International Development Group, Engility Corporation

"Devex Career Forums simply cannot be missed! Organizations seeking the best talent in international development know to partner with Devex. From the excellent organization and support we receive from Devex staff, to the caliber and diversity of talented candidates we meet, Devex delivers. Devex is international development."

Cornelia Simpson
Chief Administrative Officer, Global Human Resources & Business Administration, URC

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