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Our comprehensive database covers funding notices from 350+ different donor sources, including top aid agencies.

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We communicate directly with donors to give our members current, actionable — and, most importantly — accurate information about the latest opportunities. We've been helping companies and NGOs win new business since 2000.

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Our powerful search tool lets you browse tenders and funding reports by donors, locations and keywords to narrow your search. You can even find exclusive subcontracting and subgrant opportunities from Devex members.

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The Devex team is always updating our database and working to field members' questions about development funding. With our "Contact a researcher" feature, reach out to our analysts for questions about particular tenders or use our team to get in touch with outside experts on your behalf.

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Meet the Devex funding experts

Devex analysts work around the clock to monitor funding opportunities, report on the latest development finance trends and support our members' business development. Learn more about our team.

Alexandre Cabaret

Alexandre Cabaret

Membership & Alliances Manager

Alex applies his experience as a project manager and business development professional to work with Devex members in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Jen Flores

Jen Flores

Assistant Development Analyst

Jen covers tenders, grants and open opportunities from donor agencies. She is currently studying to earn her master’s degree in International Studies.

Nicolas Gloeckl

Nicolas Gloeckl

Survey & Advisory Services Manager

Nick oversees the Devex team that helps clients find business information through surveys and other market intelligence. He's worked at UNORC and IBON International.

Nadine Malapira

Nadine Malapira

Development Analyst

Nadine monitors tenders, contract awards, short-listing and career opportunities. Before joining Devex, she was a research analyst at Thomson Reuters.

Ezekiel Carlo Orlina

Ezekiel Carlo Orlina

Senior Development Analyst

Ezekiel leads the Devex team that reports on project opportunities and donor trends. He previously worked at the World Youth Alliance, Asia and the Pacific.

Pete Troilo

Pete Troilo

Global Advisory & Analysis Director

Pete leads Devex efforts to translate funding trends into insights. He's been a consultant and was part of the U.S. State Department's Iraq Policy and Operations Group.

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