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Track development tenders, grants and subcontracting opportunities from 400+ sources including the World Bank, USAID, EuropeAid, ADB, AfDB, Gates Foundation and more.

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We communicate directly with donors to give our members current, actionable — and, most importantly — accurate information about the latest opportunities. We've been helping companies and NGOs win new business since 2000.

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Our powerful search tool lets you browse tenders and funding reports by donors, locations and keywords to narrow your search. You can even find exclusive subcontracting and subgrant opportunities from Devex members.

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Sign up for daily emails with information on funding opportunities you’re tracking and register to receive The Procurement Alert, a comprehensive newsletter featuring new funding notices added to our database each day.

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The Devex team is always updating our database and working to field members' questions about development funding. With our "Contact a researcher" feature, reach out to our analysts for questions about particular tenders or use our team to get in touch with outside experts on your behalf.

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Meet the Devex funding experts

Raquel Alcega

Raquel Alcega

Lead, Development Data

Raquel Alcega leads Devex's development data team, which tracks and analyzes the funding, programs and activities of financial institutions, philanthropic organizations and corporations that operate at the intersection of business and global development. Prior to joining Devex's Barcelona office, she worked in business development in Washington, D.C., and as a researcher in Russia and Mexico.

Arnau Rovira

Arnau Rovira

Development Analyst

Arnau Rovira is part of the Devex's Development Data team in Barcelona where he works on analyzing and understanding donor and country priorities through the use of data. He previously worked as business intelligence analyst at Scytl, worldwide leader on electoral voting solutions. In his interest to the international and electoral affairs he became electoral observer. Until now, he has been deployed in Uruguay, Ukraine and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Taylor Laudino

Taylor Laudino

Global Membership Associate, Devex

Taylor has always had an interest in doing good, which made her the perfect fit to work with our community as part of the Devex global membership team. A returned Peace Corps volunteer and long-time client relationship consultant, Taylor has helped hundreds of companies maximize their potential by leveraging resources that help them work more efficiently. Her strong foundation in operational efficiency and people-first attitude have enabled her to build a solid understanding of what it takes to make an organization run strategically. From bringing on new talent to exploring opportunities for business development, Taylor is here to help you move your organization's mission forward too.

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