How to get job search ready for 2018
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The holiday season provides an opportunity to step back, reflect on your career goals, and consider whether you will be aiming for a job change in 2018.

With refreshed budgets, new strategic plans and everyone back from vacation, employers tend to ramp up their hiring in the first months of the year.

It’s important to use this time wisely to prepare, and Devex career and recruitment guru in-residence, Kate Warren, is here to help answer your job search questions live on air. During the event, she will also share tips on how to:
  • Create an effective strategy for your job search 
  • Present a recruiter-friendly profile
  • Craft a CV that gets you noticed
Participants will also get a special discount on Devex CV Writing after the event. 

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Kate Warren - Moderator
Senior Director & Editor, Devex Recruitment and Careers

Kate Warren is the senior director and editor of careers and recruiting content at Devex. With more than a decade of international development recruitment experience working with NGOs, consulting firms and donor agencies, she has a finger on the pulse of hiring trends across the industry and insider knowledge on what it takes to break in and keep advancing once you do.