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The world has enough food today to feed its population, but the challenges to building a more food-secure world run far deeper than whether or not someone has a full stomach at the end of the day. Feeding Development is an online conversation to reimagine solutions for food security, linking the environment, land rights, supply chains, and nutrition to real progress, from seed and soil to a healthy meal.

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Let's keep feeding the conversation

For the past month, we've had healthy discussions on what makes the perfect recipe for food security and nutrition — but we're not stopping there. Devex Senior Reporter Michael Igoe fills us in on what's next after #FeedingDev.

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Linking up for a food-secure world

How can we better link food producers and consumers to ensure enough nutritious food for all? An analysis of current trends in market systems and supply chain management.

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Food security is land security

Land remains the most fundamental input into the global food system, but new demands and changing land use patterns are stressing local — and global — efforts to uphold rights and feed the planet at the same time.