June 12, 2018. Washington, D.C.


The global development event of the future, Devex World is a full day of inspiring, interactive, collaborative sessions with one focus: you. Take your pick from over 30 workshops, expert interactives, multimedia & hands-on experiences, and main stage conversations with leaders driving this future.

Attendance to this breakfast conversation is by invitation only. For inquiries, please email
  • Mark Dybul, Director of the Center for Global Health and Quality, Georgetown University Medical Center
  • Deena Buford, Global Medical Director, ExxonMobil
  • Raj Kumar, President and Editor-in-Chief, Devex
Fichandler Theater
Showcasing transformative leaders (oth big names and new faces) developing radically new tools that will shape the way all of us work
  • Raj Kumar, President and Editor-in-Chief, Devex
  • Shivani Siroya, Founder and CEO, Tala
  • Arif Naqvi, Founder and Chief Executive, The Abraaj Group
  • Jaha Dukureh, Founder, Safe Hands for Girls
  • Miguel McKelvey, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, WeWork
  • Kami Dar, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder, Devex
  • Maury Blackman, President and CEO, Premise Data
  • Adva Saldinger, Associate Editor, Devex
  • Ray Washburne, President and CEO, Overseas Private Investment Corporation
  • Devry Boughner Vorwerk, Corporate Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs, Cargill
  • Nadia Naviwalla
  • Rula Ghani, First Lady of Afghanistan
  • Raquel Alcega, Manager, Development Data, Devex
Innovation Zone & Tech Lab
Kogod Cradle
Vox’s Displaced Podcast is going live from Devex World! Join hosts Ravi Gurumurthy and Grant Gordon for an intimate conversation and live recording with a special guest to discuss the most innovative ways to respond to global crises.
Kreeger Theater
Innovation — It’s the most overused word. But scale adds a new dimension that changes the whole idea. Delivering real, measurable change to people in need today by the millions is no buzzword — it’s the future of global development and a necessity if we’re to reach the Sustainable Development Goals. With a special focus on the challenge of scaling up humanitarian response in a moment of unprecedented crisis and displacement, we’ll uncover the opportunities for your mission.
  • Sara Jerving, East Africa Correspondent, Devex
  • Elhadj As Sy, Secretary General, International Federation of the Red Cross
  • Nathaniel Raymond, Director, Signal Program on Human Security and Technology at Harvard Humanitarian Initiative
  • Alex Thier, Executive Director, Overseas Development Institute
  • Gargee Ghosh, Director of Development Policy and Finance, Gates Foundation
  • Pete Troilo, Director, Global Advisory and Analysis, Devex
Fichandler Theater
In a moment when progress is so often blocked by politics, don’t “communicate” at me. Tell me a story. Make it an inclusive narrative that can get us past politicization to action. With a deep dive on what’s possible in the education sector, we’ll consider a way forward that’s not about communications plans or social media strategies but coalitions, community activism, and, ultimately, building a movement.
  • Sophie Edwards, Reporter, Devex
  • Wendy Kopp, CEO and Co-Founder, Teach for All
  • Amel Karboul, CEO, Education Outcomes Fund for Africa and the Middle East
  • Kevin Bleyer, Best-Selling Author and Speechwriter
  • Kate Midden, Engagement Editor, Devex
  • Paul O’Brien, Vice President for Policy and Advocacy, Oxfam America
  • Alex Cabaret, Associate Director, Partnerships, Devex
Naveen Rao, Lead, Merck for Mothers
Powered by Merck for Mothers
Attendance to this roundtable conversation is by invitation only. For inquiries, please email
Kogod Cradle
Did you know that June 12th is also World Day Against Child Labor? Join us for a special session featuring an extended clip of the film Kailash - a suspenseful yet intimate look at one man’s groundbreaking crusade to liberate every child possible - and a conversation with Holly Gordon, Chief Impact Officer at Participant Media and Anjali Kochar, Executive Director of the Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation.
  • Holly Gordon, Chief Impact Officer, Participant Media
  • Anjali Kochar, Executive Director, Kailash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation
Kreeger Theater
Sensors, imagery, frontline worker inputs, and end-user behavior data is becoming cheap and ubiquitous. We’re drowning in data, and there’s still a tidal wave yet to come — especially from the frontlines. How can we use data to drive results? We’ll consider how a data revolution — if we lead it — can make even the toughest global development challenges tractable.
  • Catherine Cheney, Senior West Coast Correspondent, Devex
  • Ebele Okobi, Head of Public Policy, Africa, Facebook
  • Neal Myrick, Director of Social Impact and Head of the Tableau Foundation
  • Lisha McCormick, COO, Last Mile Health
  • Paul Weisenfeld, Executive Vice President, International Development, RTI
  • Toyin Saraki, Founder-President, Wellbeing Foundation Africa
  • Helen Morgan, Associate Editor, Devex
  • Neelima Grover, CEO/Founder, The QED Group
  • Arnau Rovira, Operations Lead, Development Data
Rehearsal Room
Powered by GHR Foundation
  • Luisa Covaria, OpenIDEO
  • Mark Guy, Senior Program Officer, GHR Foundation
Fichandler Theater
The intersection of business and global development is rich terrain. We’ll mine it together, with a special focus on what’s possible in global health. It might just turn out that getting to a big thing like universal health coverage is all about starting small and focusing on the consumer.
  • Jenny Lei Ravelo, Senior Reporter, Devex
  • Mark Dybul, Director of the Center for Global Health and Quality, Georgetown University Medical Center
  • Meg O’Brien, Managing Director, Global Cancer Treatment
  • Dr. Githinji Gitahi, Group Chief Executive Officer, Amref Health Africa
  • Agnes Binagwaho, Vice Chancellor, University of Global Health Equity
  • John Hewko, CEO, Rotary International
  • Alan Robbins, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder, Devex
Kogod Cradle
Powered by ExxonMobil Foundation
Over 1 billion women lack access to financial services due to economic and social barriers, time and mobility constraints, and discrimination in service provision. Financial services delivered digitally can address these barriers by providing women with safe and accessible channels. The Center for Global Development, ExxonMobil Foundation, and Women’s World Banking have formed a partnership to research and test the success of projects supporting women’s financial inclusion, with a focus on digital technologies, branchless banking, and business skills training. We’ll take a close look at what interventions work and core indicators for evaluating the impact of women’s economic empowerment projects.
  • Mary Ellen Iskendarian, President and CEO, Women’s World Banking
  • Mayra Buvinic, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development
Kreeger Theater
There’s a results revolution coming, and the way development is financed might never be the same. Call it pay-for-performance, development impact bonds, tiered funding, or blended finance. But one thing we should all call it? The future. We’ll talk to a band of leaders at the forefront of this revolution to find out what financial innovation might mean for solving the world’s toughest challenges - and when it’s coming.
  • Adva Saldinger, Associate Editor, Devex
  • Avnish Gungadurdoss, Managing Partner and Co-Foudner, Instiglio
  • Neil Buddy Shah, CEO and Co-Founder, IDinsight
  • Pam Foster, Chief Operating Officer, Co-Impact
  • Kanika Bahl, CEO, Evidence Action
  • Dr. Naveen Rao, Lead, Merck for Mothers
  • Alan Robbins, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder, Devex
  • Eric Reading, Executive Vice President, Chemonics
  • Manola de Vos, Project Lead, Survey and Advisory Services
Fichandler Theater
How some of the most prominent leaders, companies, and organizations are driving a whole new approach to development.
  • Carine Umuhumuza, Associate Director for Communications, Devex
  • Malcolm Gladwell, Author
  • Sema Sgaier, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Surgo Foundation
  • Mala Gaonkar, Co-Founder, Surgo Foundation
  • Caroline Roan, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility, Pfizer
  • Raj Kumar, President and Editor-in-Chief, Devex
  • Jude Nwokike, Senior Director, Promoting the Quality of Medicines Program, USP
  • Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the World Health Organization
Closing Performance by Grammy award-winning artist, Thelma Houston
  • Kate Warren, Executive Vice President, Devex
  • Sheila Redzepi, Vice President for External and Corporate Relations, World Bank Group
  • Katja Iversen, CEO, Women Deliver

Throughout the day:

Gather-round for 10-minute “FlashTalks” from key voices in our community from stages located in both the Innovation Zone and Tech Lab.

Roll-up your sleeves and get your hands on the latest tech, alongside your fellow development gearheads in the Tech Lab. New products from 10 tech disruptors. will open your eyes to what’s possible.

Mingle and chat in the grand lobby Innovation Zone while taking an up-close look there (and maybe even a tweetable pic) at the latest innovations from our partners Cargill, Pfizer, United States Pharmecopeia, and Premise.

Designed to help you draw new connections and gain new insights, Main Stage and Forum events will feature progressive panels, dynamic presentations, one-on-one conversations, and audience pulses. Confirmed attendees will receive details of the many workshops, flash talks, and tech lab experiences happening throughout the day via the event app. Additional sessions will also be announced to confirmed attendees.

Don’t press the snooze button. Devex World’s progressive panels will wake you up with a cascade of bold thinkers driving a new era in global development. Expect fresh insights and first-hand accounts around groundbreaking technology, new partnership models, an evolving development-humanitarian dynamic, and how key institutions are adapting to the future that is upon us.

How can we examine an array of cross-cutting issues and critical sectors in one day? By bringing you the most inspiring TED-style presenters for rapid-fire explorations of the most important topics of our time.

Get ready to roll up your sleeves. Devex World is your opportunity to learn new skills and -- more importantly -- unlock new ideas and approaches to your work. We'll make sure you don't only come back to your organization refreshed, but with a new set of tangible and applicable skills helping you do good for more people.

Meet, mingle and collaborate with the biggest players in international development. The doers, the thinkers, the influencers - they’ll all be here. Connect and see what new doors might open. (Oh, and you’re not alone: our event app will help you to meet the right stakeholders based upon your role, region and technical expertise.)

Get a glimpse of the future in our hands-on learning lab. Throughout the day, you will have the opportunity to experience the new and revolutionary technologies and products that are quickly changing the global development landscape. At Devex World, you'll come to fully understand the nexus of technology and global development.

Our Innovation Partners will make sure that you get to know some of the creative and unexpected solutions to global problems they tackle on an everyday basis. Meet some of the most important actors shaping the global development community, and you’ll get to know them up-close.


The Mead Center for American Theater

June 12, 2018 I Washington, D.C.

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