Palestinians are among the world's top foreign aid recipients. To put it in context, Palestine receives 18x per capita the assistance of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With more than 40 bilateral donors, multilateral banks and UN agencies boasting a longstanding presence in the region, it's unsurprising that despite being fraught with development challenges, the region remains ripe with opportunity for implementers willing to work in this fragile context.

In this special Devex Survey and Advisory Services report, our team of analysts brings you a closer look at the largest donors to Palestine and the big picture funding priorities they are focused on. Chief among them public finance, administration and infrastructure. The report also looks at the critical role of Palestinian NGOs for advancement in these areas.

Inside the report, you'll find:

  • - An overview of funding priorities in Palestine
  • - Details on the implementer landscape
  • - A list of useful contacts working in the region
  • - Insights on the major donor programs and projects in-progress
    with DfID, the EU, GIZ, Norad and USAID

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