Devex Business Intelligence is designed for those who need both advance information on specific upcoming business opportunities and a clear understanding of the big picture funding trends which impact their organization.

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  • Advance information on specific upcoming business opportunities

    Hear about upcoming potential business opportunities before they're publicly announced

  • Comprehensive coverage of loans, projects, and tenders

    Our analysts cover and communicate with 350+ agencies and foundations

  • Gain insight into funding trends

    Need-to-know insights on procurement reforms, budget cuts, and new funding priorities

  • Business-critical tools and analytics

    Curated directory of subcontractors and partners with project history and core competencies, and key contacts at funding agencies



"Devex is an essential tool for staying abreast of development news and opportunities, thus enabling us to respond to market developments in a timely and competitive manner."

Lizann Prosser

President & CEO, Crown Agents USA


Indispensable development business news, insight, and data.

  • Hear about opportunities before they're publicly announced

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    Expert reporting on funding trends, procurement reforms and more

  • Loans, projects and tenders from 200 agencies and foundations

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    Research subcontractors and partners


Upgrade to Devex Business Intelligence


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  • Founded in 2000, Devex is the trusted source of development business information to 1,000+ companies and organizations who work in international development, global health, and humanitarian aid.

  • We have 100 staff in four offices around the world dedicated to helping you to do your job better.

  • Contact us 24 hours a day 5 days a week via live chat, email or call +1 202 249 9222 ext. 100

Kavita Kalsi
  • "..think LinkedIn meets Bloomberg Markets."

  • "..Devex gives everyone a chance to find out about opportunities."

  • "..foreign assistance is ripe for a Bloomberg-style leap forward."

  • " of the leading hubs of information for the development sector."

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