Margaret Richardson

Chief of Staff to Raj Kumar

Raised by two educators, it’s fair to say that Margaret’s first classroom was around the dinner table with the international students who lived with her family. This experience helped her understand the concerns of those impacted by global development first-hand and eventually led her to live abroad in Europe and the Middle East. In addition to spending time studying the refugee crisis in Jordan and teaching English in Palestine, Margaret brings with her professional experience working on Capitol Hill, with non-profits, public foundations, and congressional campaigns. As someone keenly interested in storytelling, Margaret is a strategic communicator, organizer and problem solver whose daily tasks focus on working with Raj to take Devex to the next level. When she’s not keeping track of trending topics and global issues on Slack and in the media, you can find her sharing the latest on female game-changers, on a run, or cheering for her brother, a national athlete on the U.S. men’s field hockey team.