Laura Karam

Manager, Advertising Strategies

Both French and Lebanese, Laura was born in Marseille. She first obtained a Political Sciences Degree in Lyon, while teaching in a school in an Educational Priority Area and refugee camps. She then left France for Brussels, to obtain a Masters' Degree in International Relations. As a photographer, she worked in refugee camps and joined the Université Libre de Bruxelles within the delegation led by the Belgian Ministry of Environment to COP22 in Marrakech. She also took part in a short-term project focused on digital democracy, as Regional coordinator for, ahead of the 2017 Presidential Election in France.

After graduating, she moved back to Marseille to work into the Public Affairs sector, focusing on a development project between France and Jordan. Eager to explore further strategy, she then applied for a Regional Bodies Governance Officer position in a Consular Chamber, and worked for the General Secretary, while supporting elected officials and organizing decision making meetings. As an international development enthusiast always willing to learn, Laura left Marseille for Barcelona, where she is now part of the Advertising Strategies Team.