Janelle Cruz

News Content Manager

Janelle is an international studies graduate, prior to joining Devex, she participated in various volunteer activities concerning community development and always had interest for the latest happenings in the global community. She has always dreamed of working for an international organization or a diplomatic mission, she feels like it is her way to contribute to the global development community.

She is one of the newest members of the news production team, but before joining the news team she worked for the Data Collections Team for 3 years. During that period, she learned about how the development business works and she gained valuable knowledge about the procurement cycle, navigation of donor websites, and she even had the chance to do data analysis which was later published into an article. Her new job as a content manager introduced her to a new set of skills and gave her up-to-date information about global development news. Now, she is in charge of drafting a few of the newsletters that are being sent out to members daily and she is also part of the team that sources photos that best suit the articles that is being featured in the Devex homepage.

During her day off, she spends quality time with her family and her dogs. She has to admit that she is more of a dog person, since for her dogs are much more affectionate than cats, but she thinks both of them are cute. She currently has 9 dogs, she only gets to spend time with them during the weekends, on weekdays her mother usually takes care of her dogs. She also has great interests in cooking, she is confident in experimenting with Asian flavors since it is what she is used to eating, that type of food that she cooks are mostly Filipino, Japanese and Korean foods.