Ashlea Burke

Business Development Associate

As part of the Memberships team, Ashlea helps our members find the services their organizations need. Before Devex, Ashlea worked in international education in Santiago, Chile. Being inspired by her own travels, she wanted to help others have the same experience through international internships. She then pursued her Masters in Translation and has always been passionate about learning languages. She believes that the more languages she can speak, the more people she can talk to, which brings her joy.

Now returning to the USA, Ashlea still holds permanent residency in Chile and is interested in what is happening in development in Latin America.

When she is not working, you can find her reading her kindle, which she always has with her, running with her dog, listening to live music, or going to the beach. Ashlea cares deeply about anything she's involved in and tries to bring more happiness and positivity into people's lives.