Alan Robbins

Executive Vice President

A Devex Co-Founder, Alan has been responsible for leading Devex’s growth from a small start- up to an enterprise of more than 100 staff today.  Currently, along with a talented group of editors, reporters, and communicators, he is driving growth around the news platform through partnerships with organizations working on the SDGs and social good - aid agencies, major corporations, leading NGOs and everyone in-between.  

Through events, visual stories, special reports and more, Devex partnerships help drive the development agenda and create awareness on key global issues -  from disability inclusive development, to health worker safety, to inclusive food systems and much, much more.   Connecting those dots is what makes Alan tick.

In the early days of Devex, Alan focused mostly on helping to build the membership around funding opportunities and development jobs, leading the effort to grow it from zero to more than a thousand of the leading organizations working in development.  Prior to helping start Devex , he worked in government affairs in Washington DC and in politics and local government in New Jersey.  

Alan has a graduate degree in international affairs from George Washington University and an undergraduate degree in history and political science from Rutgers University.  In his spare time, you can find him reading historical biographies, coaching his sons’ baseball and basketball teams and lamenting no longer being the tallest in the family.