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A spotlight on the critical role women play in creating healthy, stable and thriving communities around the world. This week we will showcase the vital role women have in the advancement of their communities – as political and spiritual leaders, educators and advocates, health workers and law enforcement personnel, as well as in many other capacities.
A focus on women’s contributions to economic growth, and the international development community’s role in building opportunities for women to formally participate in local and global economies – as bank account holders, farmers, small business owners and more.
She Builds Innovations will feature leaders and their vision from a variety of realms – including politics, science and development. We will shed light on breakthrough innovations by women and girls that are advancing global development. And we’ll explore new ideas to advance gender equality and development at home and beyond.
The final week of She Builds will be dedicated to girls and the role that they play for our world's future. We'll also highlight the role of women in preparing the next generation of leaders, as well as in fostering an environment of peace and prosperity for all. A special focus will be on barriers many girls face in achieving their full potential, including early and forced marriage as well as the challenges associated with child pregnancy.

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Beyond #shebuilds: C.C. Chapman / CC BY-NC-ND
How #shebuilds communities: Lindsay Mgbor, Department for International Development
The Right Tools for the Job: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation/ CC BY-NC-ND
How #shebuilds innovations: Kristian Buus/STARS/ CC BY-NC-ND How #SheBuilds the future: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation / CC BY-NC-ND