Where can partnerships
take development?


Public-private partnership is the name of the game today, and we arrived at this point through a confluence of factors, forces, and change drivers that continue to shape global development. Companies and donors acknowledge that they can accomplish more by working together than they can independently, a critical reason why development partnerships are gaining momentum.

During this three-week series brought to you by Devex and Abt Associates, we'll explore how to take PPP's to scale, what environment is needed to encourage innovation from the local private sector and how development is changing as a result of partnerships. Join the conversation and let us know how you're working to #reimaginePPP.


Where partnerships are taking global development

We may have entered a new era of partnership. But is greater engagement with business and civil society truly helping to accelerate global development?

A Deeper Look

How a public-private partnership is tackling regional trade challenges in West Africa

Traditional donor-led efforts had not succeeded in tackling barriers to regional trade in West Africa, so a group of public, NGO and private sector actors came together to try to tackle the challenges through a public-private partnership. Ziad Hamoui, president of the Borderless Alliance, the organization leading the effort, shares his thoughts on partnering.

For public-private partnerships to succeed, get beyond the definitions

Too many people have been hung up on defining public-private partnerships rather than focusing on how to make them successful. In this guest column, Jay Knott, Abt Associates' executive vice president and chief business officer, shares what he believes businesses, governments and those in the international development community need to understand about PPPs.

Pooling public-private partnership best practices

The University of Notre Dame Initiative for Global Development has played a part in convening a variety of actors to discuss shared values in public-private partnerships and examining multifaceted solutions that work for all stakeholders. Its managing director, Michael Sweikar, shares 10 of these best practices.

What is Obama's development legacy?

U.S. President Barack Obama has launched specific initiatives, but for New America President Anne-Marie Slaughter, his development legacy is much more than the sum of those initiatives.

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PPPs: What you need to know

Learn more about the current state of PPPs and projections for the future, the top 5 challenges in developing partnerships and how to increase the impact of development partnerships in this infographic.

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