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Turning UK aid into sustainable space projects

Article by Devex Editor

The U.K. government is funding a range of satellite initiatives in middle- and low-income countries, from predicting crop pest outbreaks to providing communications in disaster zones. Here’s where the money is going.

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Satellites for Sustainability

What’s the link between satellites, space, global development and humanitarian aid? Shining a light on the ways satellite applications, communications and technology are positively impacting disaster response and development, Devex and its partners Inmarsat and the U.K. Space Agency are hosting this global conversation. We’ll tackle issues at the intersection of space and sustainability, explain how technology can facilitate connectivity, and highlight real world, on-the-ground impact in the Philippines, Indonesia and Nigeria. Join us by tagging #Sats4SDGs and @Devex as we make it our mission to discover the link between connectivity and solving global challenges.


The leading pioneer of mobile satellite communications

Inmarsat was set up in 1979 by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to enable ships to stay in constant touch with shore or to call for help in an emergency, no matter how far out to sea. Today we connect businesses, organizations and people in many different sectors where terrestrial telecom networks are unreliable or simply cannot reach – on land, at sea and in the air.

UK Space Agency

We provide a clear, single voice for UK space ambitions

At the heart of U.K. efforts to explore and benefit from space, we are responsible for ensuring that the U.K. retains and grows a strategic capability in space-based systems, technologies, science and applications. We lead the U.K.’s civil space program in order to win sustainable economic growth, secure new scientific knowledge and provide benefit to all citizens.

Digital Frontiers

Under the U.K. Space Agency International Partnership Programme, Inmarsat is leading three projects that use satellite connectivity to benefit communities in developing and emerging economies. In Nigeria, Indonesia and the Philippines, Inmarsat is working with governments and regional organizations to tackle challenges in health care, sustainable fishing, and disaster response.


Connecting people, ideas and opportunities, STARHub is a community to build links between the satellite applications industry and emerging economies.

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