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The 2023 Global Humanitarian Assistance Report indicates that every year, over 400 million people need humanitarian assistance globally. As more communities continue to live in unsustainable and vulnerable situations, providing timely and adequate aid has become increasingly critical. But how do we ensure that aid is efficient, impactful, and inclusive at a time when growing budget constraints among donors put aid organizations and their partners under pressure to do even more with less?

Through expert interviews and an online survey of humanitarian aid professionals, this report showcases data-driven insights on the ways in which aid delivery can become more impactful amidst increasing humanitarian crises.

Key findings

  • The humanitarian sector faces a growing need to build and manage flexible aid models to support a range of local circumstances and needs.
  • Prioritizing inclusivity, accessibility, and safety helps ensure the effectiveness and usability of aid.
  • Rapid, flexible, and anticipatory aid delivery approaches are essential for responding to evolving crises.
  • Longer-term planning, resilience-strengthening, and capacity-building initiatives contribute to more sustainable outcomes for aid delivery programs.
  • Strengthened partnerships are crucial for developing and operating more holistic and effective aid delivery in response to rapidly evolving crises.
of surveyed humanitarian aid professionals agree that the ability to offer multiple options for delivering humanitarian aid is important for recipients
of surveyed aid professionals agree that providing aid through digital payment systems empowers beneficiaries and drives digital financial inclusion
of surveyed aid professionals from donor agencies believe that increased funding to further integrate digital payments for humanitarian aid is very important

Reimagining aid in the digital age

Building global capabilities to serve local needs

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