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Recruiters on Devex connect with hundreds of qualified development professionals at our annual Career Forum in Washington DC.
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The Devex Recruitment Account is the industry standard for development, global health and humanitarian aid recruitment.

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Devex is the world's most popular development jobs board. If your position isn't here, you're missing top candidates. We'll match your Recruitment Account package to your expected recruitment volume so that you easily can post the maximum amount of jobs at a reduced rate.

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A Devex Recruitment Account allows you to search the profiles and CVs hosted on our growing database of 750,000+ development professionals to hire the experts you need around the world.

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Get strategic insight

As a development recruiter or hiring manager responsible for staff, project and proposal recruitment, you know that staying on top of the latest hiring trends is critical to matching the right skills to the right positions. Use your Recruitment Account to find exclusive advice and recruitment insights to help you remain competitive in the industry.

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A Recruitment Account not only unlocks access to the Devex community for you to search from, it also provides the perfect platform from which 800,000+ development professionals can get to know your organization too. Our recruitment services are designed specifically to reach the target audience you are most interested in.

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Our clients

Devex Recruitment Accounts support the hiring strategy for the world's leading development organizations.

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Meet some of our Recruitment Account experts

Ezekiel Carlo Orlina

Stephanie Eichmann

Manager, Global Membership

Stephanie knows our site and our members inside and out, and her main focus day-to-day is keeping both of them connected. With over four years of customer success experience and in depth knowledge of Devex from both the recruiter and job-seeker perspective, she's the one to talk to about your hiring needs.

Nicolas Gloeckl

Katrina Roxas

Manager, Global Recruitment Services

A highly skilled recruitment specialist, Katrina has a reputation for uncovering those hard to find candidates and skills sets for even the most challenging of roles. Kat has been a critical leader of our team, sourcing top candidates for key positions at IRC, Care International, UNHCR and UNOPS in addition to vetting applications for Devex Career Forums and other exclusive career events.

Pete Troilo

Kate Warren

Senior Director & Editor, Recruitment and Careers

She's not just a critical member of the Devex team. She's a (former) client. With over a decade of recruitment experience for international NGOs and agency contractors, Kate understands the ins and outs of development hiring from the recruiter and the jobseeker perspective. In her role as Senior Director and Recruitment & Careers Editor at Devex, she is an integral part of making sure our community of recruiters is getting the insights and information that they need to understand where to focus hiring resources and the tools they need to find the best talent.

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