How to find winning candidates with Devex 
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You have an important job as a global development recruiter. Putting the right talent in place quickly can mean the difference between winning and losing a project, and even it's success or failure. 

Unlike anything else on the market, all of our recruitment services have been designed by and for global development professionals. That means they've been custom-built to work specifically for professionals like you who are short on time but still need to present highly qualified global candidates on a deadline.

From attracting candidates through a job posting, all the way to inviting them to interview, recruiters across global development rely on the Devex recruitment platform. 

During the walk through, Devex membership associate Taylor Laudino will show you how to:
  • Tap into a candidate pool of more than 800,000 development professionals
  • Narrow your search results using our development-specific smart-filters
  • Improve your team's collaboration using folders, notes and more
  • Connect to candidates on behalf of your organization and anonymously
  • Share open positions on the world's most popular development job board

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Taylor Laudino
Global Membership Associate, Devex

Taylor has always had an interest in doing good, which made her the perfect fit to work with our community as part of the Devex global membership team. A returned Peace Corps volunteer and long-time client relationship consultant, Taylor has helped hundreds of companies maximize their potential by leveraging resources that help them work more efficiently. Her strong foundation in operational efficiency and people-first attitude have enabled her to build a solid understanding of what it takes to make an organization run strategically. From bringing on new talent to exploring opportunities for business development, Taylor is here to help you move your organization's mission forward too.