Quieting your inner critic
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We all have that voice in our heads, the one that criticizes us and puts us down, the one that speaks to us more harshly than we would ever allow someone to speak to us in real life. 

This is the voice of self-doubt, the voice of the inner critic. 

Even the most seemingly self-confident people you know have a voice like this. And it often leaves us feeling doubtful about our careers, our job search, or our effectiveness at work – which means we don’t take action or we wish we felt more confident.

Executive coach Shana Montesol Johnson joins Devex for a conversation on how to quiet your inner critic. 

During the webinar, you will learn:
  • The impact of self-confidence on your career
  • Tools to recognize when your inner voice is spreading too much self-doubt
  • Tips to shift your self-reflection into action and effectiveness
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Shana Montesol Johnson
Executive Career Coach

Shana Montesol Johnson is a Harvard-educated certified executive and leadership coach and facilitator. She has coached leaders in Fortune 100 companies, family-owned businesses, United Nations agencies, and nonprofits. One focus of Shana’s coaching for the past 10+ years has been in the global development sector, with clients in organizations such as the World Health Organization, the Asian Development Bank, and Plan International. In connection with this work, she launched what became a popular and award-winning blog, Development Crossroads.

Margaret Richardson - Moderator
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