NEW YORK Global Dev Week 2016

It’s been a year since a new era in global development was ushered in with the 2030 Agenda. Now Devex is on the ground in New York again to report on some of the biggest events of the year, as world leaders, NGO chiefs, corporate executives, social entrepreneurs, and aid officials come together this week to determine the future for international cooperation and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

What will shape this new era for global development over the coming years? Follow our coverage throughout the 71st U.N. General Assembly, as we focus on two major summits on migrants and refugees, and the annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting. We’ll go behind the scenes to find out the biggest issues and trends, and what all this means as we approach U.S. election season and the appointment of the next U.N. secretary general. For complete coverage, stay tuned to this page.

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Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton on the future of the Clinton Foundation

Chelsea Clinton reflects back on CGI's legacy, and looks ahead at the programs and initiatives that the foundation will continue, including the Haiti Action Network. Watch the video interview to learn more.

Humanitarian system

How would the humanitarian system work at its full potential?

Solving the global refugee crisis remains a crucial issue at development gatherings — most recently at last week’s U.N. General Assembly, where members states agreed that something should be done to increase funding to humanitarian organizations

New Data

Why new data on financial inclusion makes Melinda Gates want to 'stand up and cheer'

On her first trip to India, philanthropist Melinda Gates met a woman who held a secret in her sari. It was a razor blade. She bought it with a few rupees, and kept it from her husband so that he would not use it to shave.


Here's what happened at the final CGI annual meeting

“You have to keep the spirit alive, you have to keep the work alive, you have to cultivate a culture of possibility,” former U.S. President Bill Clinton said in his closing remarks at the final meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative Wednesday in New York City.


Q&A: UNHCR's Kelly Clements talks 'doing things very differently'

Kelly Clements, the deputy high commissioner of the United Nations refugee agency, knows firsthand that refugee response isn’t business as usual these days. With more than 65 million people “on the move,” as she says, the largest numbers since World War II, there is also an increased demand for long-term, realistic solutions.

Long Road

A long road to shared responsibility for refugees and migrants

After two days of summits on migrants and refugees around the U.N. General Assembly, advocacy groups see some positive signs that political momentum is moving to better assist the world’s 65 million displaced.


The private sector imperative for the refugee crisis

Twin summits at the United Nations in New York this week put refugee and migrant issues in the spotlight, but heads of state aren’t the only ones discussing their role — the private sector is also weighing its response and making commitments.


The importance of unlikely allies in pandemic response

The 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa was unlike anything the world had faced, so it demanded an approach that went beyond the “traditional insular ways” of the United Nations, according to the man who coordinated the U.N. response, Tony Banbury.

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