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What is integrated development? It’s the deliberate approach to connect the design, delivery and evaluation of programs across disciplines and sectors to produce an amplified, lasting impact on people’s lives. This method attempts to seize on the opportunities that arise when cross-sector interventions lower costs and enhance systems, services and products, in the hopes of improving development efforts.

Integrated Development is an online series to explore this strategy. Devex, in partnership with FHI 360, is examining the application of integrated solutions to make the development community more effective and to tackle pressing challenges in health, education, governance and other areas.



See the latest on how comprehensive approaches to development can improve effectiveness and impact more lives.

Building resilience in communities on the brink of disaster

Compelled by experience in the Peace Corps, Aerie Changala, head of international operations at Nuru International, has used integrated approaches to end extreme poverty by training local leaders. How does this work? He shares the four main principles in this exclusive guest column.

Integrated approaches to increasing food security and nutrition

Investment in systemic solutions and collaborative, integrated approaches to impact smallholders and save the food they grow, is an imperative, not an option, writes C.D. Glin, associate director at the Rockefeller Foundation, in this exclusive guest commentary.

A call for integrated, people-centered approaches in the post-2015 era

We need to shift our traditional way of working by taking more integrated approaches to tackling global problems, writes Gregory Beck of FHI 360.

For-profit and nonprofit integration: The road to financial sustainability

Neil Ghosh, executive director of SNV, gives us the inside track on how both the private and nonprofit sectors can work cohesively in this exclusive guest column.

The age of integration

How do we operationalize an integrated development agenda? In this exclusive guest commentary, FHI 360's Patrick Fine, CEO, and Tricia Petruney, technical adviser for research utilization and integrated development, discuss the practicalities: what to do, how to do it and how to pay for it.

Pivoting to post-2015: Proving the promise of integrated development

Could an integrated approach to development hold the key to achieving the sustainable development goals? FHI 360 discusses the need to break out of the siloes that have long characterized how funding agencies and organizations approach development programs.

Integrated development: Lessons from the field

How can integrated development approaches help provide effective solutions to complex, multifaceted development challenges? Several examples of long-term multisectoral initiatives demonstrate how the process might be operationalized effectively. Devex takes a closer look with lessons from the field.

Evidence, impact and innovation within integrated development

How are organizations demonstrating that integrated approaches get better results? Devex convened a panel of experts to discuss the evidence base, practical challenges, and biggest opportunities for integration.

Boosting coherence to make poverty eradication a reality

Policy Coherence for Development minimizes contradictions and builds synergies between different EU policies to benefit developing countries and increase the effectiveness of development cooperation. European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development Neven Mimica explains how in this exclusive guest commentary.

Is the development community still 'working in silos, singing integration?'

Enhancing synergies across sectors makes perfect sense. But Eliya Zulu, executive director at the African Institute for Development Policy, tells Devex what the big question mark is when it comes to integrated development.

How UN Women will sprint the SDG marathon

Devex sat down with U.N. Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka to find out how she plans to set an ambitious pace for the agency, and what everyone should remember about the empowerment of women and girls not just during this momentous week, but in the years to come.

How do the global goals help explain 'integrated development'?

Does understanding the sustainable development agenda as a universal framework help us define integrated development? Tony Pipa, U.S. special coordinator for the post-2015 development agenda, explains.

From our partner

From our partner

Learn more about FHI 360's work to implement integrated, locally driven development projects across the globe.

The promise of Integrated Development

FHI 360 is committed to improving the evidence and advancing the global conversation on integrated development. They believe that integrating the design, delivery and evaluation of programs, has the potential to make a deeper, more enduring difference in people's lives.

Integrated Development: A Theory of Change

FHI 360 believes that by having a deeper understanding of the interrelated challenges faced by communities and people, and by designing customized responses to address the multiple aspects of their lives, global development efforts have the potential to be more impactful.

Want a Healthy World? Let the HIV Response Lead the Way

If we continue to make real progress in battling HIV, our response can be leveraged to improve health everywhere, write Dr. Timothy Mastro and Mitchell Warren.

The untapped potential of integrated investments for youth

Include young people in decisions. Understand their unique challenges and contributions to society. Invest in their health, education and job skills. According to panelists at a recent FHI discussion, these actions are critical to the success of the new global development agenda.

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