How to build more diverse teams
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  • diversity and inclusion, hiring, recruitment, branding
Research shows that diverse teams are more productive, and capable of greater impact.

On Tuesday, March 13, Sarah Grausz and Farah Mahesri, co-founders of Quantum Impact, join Devex to talk about ways organizations can hire more diverse teams. We hope you will register to join our conversation.

By attending this webinar, you will learn:
  • Short, medium and long-term strategies to help your team or organization hire more diverse staff
  • Specific messages, mediums, and methods to attract a deeper pool of qualified candidates
  • How to begin building your D&I brand so that your development organization can create a more sustainable pipeline of diverse talent
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Sarah Grausz
Co-founder, Quantum Impact

Sarah Grausz is co-founder of Quantum Impact, an organization development coach, and education and youth specialist based in San Francisco. She works with teams in the U.S. and developing countries to align and integrate skills, policies, and systems to effect maximum social impact. Sarah graduated with a Master’s of Science in Organization Development from American University, and is a certified Core Energy Leadership coach. She has led the design, implementation, and assessment of USAID-funded development programs varied in size from $7 million to $80 million in countries such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Georgia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Cambodia, Zambia, Ethiopia, and Ghana. She previously worked as a director of the Education & Youth Practice at Chemonics International.
Farah Mahesri
Co-founder, Quantum Impact

Farah Mahesri is co-founder of Quantum Impact, an education and youth specialist, and technology and partnership innovator based in San Francisco. She is particularly interested in how to maximize aid effectiveness, including through building more inclusive teams, and alternative funding models that help to democratize development programming. Farah is a firm believer in strengths-based management and assessing and analyzing systemic-level challenges and opportunities to create quantum shifts within organizations and our impact-focused work. Farah worked as a business development director and project manager at Chemonics International, as the director of reading programs at Worldreader, and as an independent advisor to small and large organizations on strategic planning and growth and diversification strategies. She has also served on the board and as an advisor for several start-up NGOs and social enterprises.

Margaret Richardson - Moderator
Chief of staff to Raj Kumar, Devex

When a Devexer needs a problem solved, they go to Margaret. As the chief of staff to President & Editor-in-Chief Raj Kumar, Margaret serves as an all-purpose adviser on everything from maximizing team potential to connecting the dots between Devex and key players in global development. Leading a small powerful team, Margaret is the go-to if you’re looking to connect with Devex’s 100 team members around the globe.