Going for Goals

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The need for further investment
The 2030 sustainable development agenda, adopted by the United Nations, commits the world on a course to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure health and prosperity for all. But in order to drive that forward there needs to be sufficient finance. In fact, it’s estimated that an extra $2.5 trillion of funding will be needed each year to achieve this. So just where is that money going to come from?

It’s not enough for nonprofits and governments alone to tackle global issues including ensuring access to health care, slowing climate change, and promoting equality. New players are entering this space — innovating around creative ideas, methods and techniques to fund life-changing projects and alleviate some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Where’s the innovation?
Let’s take an in depth look. Over the next 10 weeks Devex, along with our partners, will explore innovative financing mechanisms, asking how cross-sector collaboration can lead to improved outcomes, and discussing what it takes to build successful partnerships for change. Through the lens of People, Planet, and Prosperity, we’ll bring together a wealth of insights.


With a focus on finding the funds to finance the 2030 sustainable development agenda, keeping people and their needs at the forefront of change can be difficult. We ask how this can be done and take a look at those financing models making the most difference to people’s lives.

Going for Goals

Going for Goals: How to innovate on health sector financing

ARTICLE By Malia Politzer / DEVEX

Despite major improvements in health outcomes over the past 30 years, we still have a long way to go. Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals will need considerable resources, which is why finding innovative financing methods will be critical to their success or failure. Devex examines some of the challenges and opportunities of different financing mechanisms — from public-private partnerships, to blended finance and impact investing.



When it comes to climate change and its effect on health and wellbeing, is money the answer? We examine the investments being made to prevent, manage and respond to natural disasters and take a look at where potential funding could come from to ensure a sustainable future for all.


Asia-Pacific Climate Finance Fund aims to be broader, flexible

ARTICLE BY Jenny Lei Ravelo / DEVEX

Despite the proliferation of climate funds, countries are finding difficulty in accessing them, or matching their needs on the ground. Launched by Germany and the Asian Development Bank, the newest climate fund for Asia-Pacific hopes to change that.



Does economic progress lead to improved global health or does access to health care lead to increased prosperity? We examine the link between the two factors and look at ways issues such as equality, famine and disease are being tackled in practical terms to bring about a more prosperous environment.

Stepping up

Stepping up nontraditional financing for health

ARTICLE By Musa Okwonga / DEVEX

The Sustainable Development Goals have set a series of exacting social, economic and environmental targets for the world’s nations, in order to secure a prosperous future for the generations to come. These goals will require substantial investment, and so last November the United Nations launched the Financial Innovation Platform.


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