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2017 Hiring Trends

Finding a global development job is more competitive than ever. Trends like localization, shifts in funding and private sector engagement are changing the employment landscape, and impacting what skills and experience are most in demand. Download this free guide from Devex, to find out if you fit the profile recruiters are looking for this year... 

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What's inside the report?

At the beginning of this year, we reached out to our community of recruiters to learn more about their hiring needs and predictions for the year ahead.

Our survey gathered insights from over 120 recruiters, in 28 countries working in organizations ranging from large consulting firms to international NGOs.

These respondents shared their thoughts on everything from the value of online degrees to which regions they predict will see the most job opportunities.

We have turned their insights into a short, easy-to-read guide to help you learn what to expect from global development hiring in 2017. Do you have the right skills you need to land your dream job this year? 

Download your copy of the guide to find out...

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