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What does it take to end hidden hunger?

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More than two billion people are affected by micronutrient deficiency, also known as hidden hunger, a global health challenge that impairs cognitive development, increases maternal and infant mortality and undermines efforts to combat poverty. The fortification of staple foods and condiments with vitamins and minerals is often cited by experts as among the most effective and least expensive interventions to tackle hidden hunger on a large scale.

Future Fortified is an online series to explore this global health challenge. Devex, in partnership with GAIN, will investigate how food fortification can be a solution to prevent many of the health and nutrition challenges that continue to burden developing countries.

Learn more about the Future Fortified partner organizations and their work addressing nutrition worldwide.

In 15-20 years, what will undernutrition efforts look like?

What does a #FutureFortified look like? Experts from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition and the World Health Organization weigh in on how urbanization, trends in nutrition interventions and alliances will shape actions on undernutrition in the next decade and beyond.

Business and food: How to combat the trust deficit

There is often a mistrust when it comes to business being involved in food production, Michael Anderson, CEO of the Children's Investment Fund Foundation, told Devex. Find out what he said helps pave the way for progress in this video interview.

To avoid playing catch-up in urban contexts, food security demands better data

A critical part of examining food security in urban contexts is the use of data, but "we're not asking enough questions," Nancy Stetson, special representative for global food security for the U.S. Department of State, shared with Devex.


Check out our continued coverage on why food fortification matters for development.


Join us for a series of events that spotlight the need to refocus interest and investment in food fortification.

#FutureFortified Global Summit

From September 9-11 this year, GAIN joined the government of the United Republic of Tanzania in co-hosting the first Global Summit on Food Fortification in Arusha, Tanzania.

Panel Discussion

Devex and GAIN teamed up to host a panel and reception in New York City to make sure food fortification was on the agenda at the U.N. General Assembly meetings this past September.


GAIN hosted a Thunderclap on September 8th to fight to end hidden hunger! #FutureFortified

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Learn more about GAIN's role in efforts to improve global nutrition.

Interview with GAIN's Executive Director Marc Van Ameringen on Capital TV's "Business Edition"

GAIN Executive Director Marc Van Ameringen sits down with Capital TV's Yvonne Msemembo and Dr. Vincent Assey, who serves as Assistant Director of Nutrition Services Section at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. In this interview, they look ahead to the upcoming global summit on food fortification to be held from September 9-11 in Arusha, Tanzania.

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