A Devex session in partnership with Open Society Foundations

From risk to resilience,
dignity, and prosperity

Thursday, December 7, 2023 | 4:30 - 5:10 P.M. GST

Dubai & Online

About this session during Climate + Summit

Dive into the heart of the global climate crisis as we explore the escalating impacts of climate change during this panel, a pivotal segment of our Climate+ summit.

The frequency and cost of these impacts are straining our infrastructures and resources — and even challenging the very fabric of our livelihoods and statehood. Climate change acts as a threat multiplier, amplifying disruptions and exacerbating existing vulnerabilities, creating a complex web of challenges.

Beyond the immediate environmental concerns, this discussion will shed light on the wide-reaching consequences of the climate crisis across various facets of society. Social inequality, persistent poverty, debt distress, vulnerabilities in supply chains, and insecurities are heightened, triggering displacements, desperate competition for scarce resources, and escalating social tensions.

To effectively respond to these challenges, our panel of thought leaders will analyze the need for comprehensive and integrated strategies and legal frameworks, and address the structural colonial legacies and injustices ingrained in the current financial infrastructure.

Join us in Dubai or online to engage with thought leaders, experts, and visionaries who are not just discussing the issues but actively shaping the discourse and driving tangible solutions.

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Hannah Ryder

CEO, Development Reimagined

Yamide Dagnet

Director of climate justice, Open Society Foundations