Devex World will offer nearly 30 sessions designed for you, no matter which sector your work. Take your pick of workshops, plenaries and expert presentations and create your own unique learning experience.

Data both inform and transform the way aid is delivered. Satellite and mobile data can inform policy and help us reach underserved populations. Being data-driven is no longer a question of if but how. Together, we’ll dig into how to operationalize new data tools and how to partner effectively – especially with tech companies – to achieve impact..
Development professionals need to tell stories that translate into impact. Using the right tools and channels are imperative to delivering impactful narratives to help fulfill your mission. Hear from those at the vanguard of innovative and effective communication, as they share practical tips on how to stay on message and boost your organization’s impact.
Financial innovation isn’t just for Wall Street. New financing tools continue to emerge as our community grapples with ways to bridge the funding gap. This track brings together pioneers and practitioners working to translate the “billions to trillions” agenda from rhetoric to reality. Join us as we examine the best methods for channeling private sector funding and catalyzing investments in ways that will help translate the latest thinking into opportunities in your own work.
Delivering the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 means tackling some of the world’s most intractable challenges. Got a great idea to move the needle on progress – now what? Discover how some of our community’s biggest players are incentivizing innovation – and overcoming obstacles to impact. From harnessing Silicon Valley technology to shining a light on local approaches for social impact, join us as we explore collaboration and partnerships that have successfully brought proven solutions to scale.
Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals can open up an estimated $12 trillion of market opportunities – but how do we move forward to create investable opportunities, especially in underdeveloped markets? Through frank conversations with leaders at the intersection of business and global development, we’ll explore how companies can align better with the SDGs and drive smart business growth in markets that might seem challenging at first glance.
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