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Identify new opportunities, build a pipeline of emerging ones, detect shifts in donor priorities, stay on top of recent contract awards, expand your partner network, maintain good working knowledge of broader development funding trends. 

If this sounds a lot like your to-do list, we have a few ideas for how to make your day-to-day run more efficiently and boost your funding strategy in the process.

Our business intelligence platform was designed specifically for business development professionals and teams operating in global development. Whether you're actively looking to build your pipeline, expand into new markets and grow your business, or simply trying to stay on top of what's happening in the business of development, Devex can help. 

Join us for a walkthrough of our Business Intelligence platform led by Devex membership associate Taylor Laudino. During the demo, she will show you how to:

  • Track funding notices from 350+ donor sources 
  • Set-up custom alerts to follow relevant opportunities
  • Manage open opportunities from a collaborative dashboard
  • Stay on top of the latest contract awards
  • Leverage Devex business insights to get on the inside track of development funding 

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Taylor Laudino
Global Membership Associate, Devex

Taylor has always had an interest in doing good, which made her the perfect fit to work with our community as part of the Devex global membership team. A returned Peace Corps volunteer and long-time client relationship consultant, Taylor has helped hundreds of companies maximize their potential by leveraging resources that help them work more efficiently. Her strong foundation in operational efficiency and people-first attitude have enabled her to build a solid understanding of what it takes to make an organization run strategically. From bringing on new talent to exploring opportunities for business development, Taylor is here to help you move your organization's mission forward too.