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We can't say it enough. For all you do in the world, thank you. For the sacrifices, big and small, thank you. For making Devex what it is today, thank you. 

You inspire us

In 2000 we got started as a student project at Harvard’s Kennedy School. Today, 700,000 Devex members are out there in the world doing good and doing it well. Devex wouldn’t be here without you, so this is your birthday too.

Join the celebration and add your own voice. These leaders have, and for that and all they do, we thank them too.

More Thank-You's

  • Aaron Williams + SEE QUOTE

    Executive Vice President, Government Relations and Corporate Communications, RTI International

    “For 15 years, Devex has been a dynamic portal for the global development community - helping the community to do good, and do it well. RTI International salutes Devex for its commitment to connecting people and information in international development. We also celebrate and thank the aid workers and development professionals whose unyielding dedication to the greater good inspires us all, and makes our world better every day. We wish Devex a wonderful 15th birthday and look forward to many more successful years to come.”

    Aaron Williams ×

  • Alfre Woodard + SEE QUOTE

    Actress and Activist

    “Aid workers around the world come together to do good – from the health provider in India to the teacher in a rural Uganda to the human rights activist in Syria – today we celebrate and thank you for all that you do. And to Devex, on your 15th birthday, a big thank you for convening this development community and helping us all do good even better.”

    Alfre Woodard ×

  • Anne Marie Slaughter + SEE QUOTE

    President & CEO, New America Foundation

    "People who choose to spend their lives helping other people restore our faith in humanity itself. But the work that Devex professionals do is not just charity, it is also foreign policy. The values that inspired America's founders are universal: all human beings are created equal; all are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The world that global aid workers seek to bring about is a better world for all of us.”

    Anne Marie Slaughter ×

  • Ashley Judd + SEE QUOTE

    Actress, Activist and PSI Ambassador

    “The success of global development relies on the interconnectedness of the community, the quality and dedication of its workforce, and the sharing of new ideas to tackle the toughest health and humanitarian challenges. Devex gives an important voice to these issues and has been a steadfast partner to PSI in helping highlight global health’s challenges and successes. Congratulations to 15 years of great work.”

    Ashley Judd ×

  • Chelsea Clinton + SEE QUOTE

    Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation

    “I want to wish Devex a heartfelt thank you and congratulations for 15 years of terrific work creating a unique community for development professionals and aid workers worldwide and sharing stories that anyone who cares about development should read. The community that Devex's staff continues to nurture provides an important space for communication, collaboration and partnership. From all of us at the Clinton Foundation, happy birthday and we're looking forward to working together over the next 15 years and more."

    Chelsea Clinton ×

  • David Miliband + SEE QUOTE

    President & CEO, International Rescue Committee

    “Not since the second world war has humanitarian endeavor, creativity and collaboration been more needed, with a staggering one in every 122 humans around the world displaced in 2014. As a hub for humanitarian and development practitioners across the international system, the purpose of Devex - sharing experience, expertise and insights - is vital to a global aid system that is under huge new pressure and demands. IRC looks forward to building on 15 years of engagement with Devex as we work to meet more of the needs of the people we serve.”

    David Miliband ×

  • Erik Solheim + SEE QUOTE

    Chair, Development Assistance Committee, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

    “Development aid workers across the world are doing the most important possible job – providing assistance to lift the most vulnerable people out of poverty. They have been incredibly successful over that last couple of decades. Better government policies, stronger and more vibrant private sector and hard work of development projects of all kinds have brought billions out of abrubt poverty. Congratulations to Devex and big thanks to all development aid workers! Let us learn from success and each other!"

    Erik Solheim ×

  • Helene Gayle + SEE QUOTE

    CEO, McKinsey Social Initiative

    “I wanted to add my thanks to Devex and the Devex community for the incredible work you do every day to bring positive change to poor communities around the world. Over the last 15 years Devex has helped to build a sense of community for development professionals and help equip all of us with access to critical and timely information. Happy birthday Devex and best wishes for the next 15 years!!”

    Helene Gayle ×

  • Jan Egeland + SEE QUOTE

    Secretary General, Norwegian Refugee Council

    “The last 15 years, when Devex has helped develop our mission, have been one of the best and worst periods ever for humanitarian work. We save lives and provide quality assistance for vulnerable communities around the globe like never before. At the same time we are attacked, blocked and manipulated in more places and by more political and military parties than ever. That is why we need the support, the criticism and the quality control of Devex for many more years to come.”

    Jan Egeland ×

  • Jeffrey Sachs + SEE QUOTE

    Director of the Earth Institute, Columbia University and Special Advisor to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the Millennium Development Goals.

    “Sustainable development is the greatest challenge of our generation and it is a challenge that can be met. We need trained professionals in the right places to help spur an era of global social change. That's where organizations like Devex have made their greatest impact. By organizing and informing development practitioners, Devex is helping us to become leaders in sustainable development in our own communities. I'm happy to wish Devex a happy 15 years and great leadership and success during the coming 15 years of the Sustainable Development Goals.”

    Jeffrey Sachs ×

  • Jim Yong Kim + SEE QUOTE

    President, World Bank Group

    “On the occasion of Devex’s 15th anniversary I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the people who work tirelessly to bring aid and development to the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged people. With your work and passion we truly can end extreme poverty.”

    Jim Yong Kim ×

  • Judith Rodin + SEE QUOTE

    President, The Rockefeller Foundation

    “Good development can be hard to measure, because often it’s what doesn’t happen that proves success. When disruptions don’t become disasters, we’ve won. When a community is resilient and stays strong in the face of crisis, our sector marks a victory, even if it’s a quiet one. But let’s be loud today, congratulating Devex on your 15th birthday! On behalf of The Rockefeller Foundation I thank you for all that you’ve done to forge new relationships among your members and to tell our collective stories. And there are many victories to celebrate including millions of people lifted out of poverty and girls safer and better educated.”

    Judith Rodin ×

  • Julia Gillard + SEE QUOTE

    Chair of the Board, Global Partnership for Education

    “During a period of extraordinary progress, Devex has established itself as an essential resource to the global development community. That progress has been driven by commitments to address extreme poverty through investments in key areas such as education and health, issues that sometimes fall under the radar of mainstream news outlets. Devex has thankfully been there all along to share precious information about best practices, new opportunities and the changing global landscape in which we live.”

    Julia Gillard ×

  • Kristalina Georgieva + SEE QUOTE

    European Commissioner for Budget and Human Resources

    “Devex helps the helpers – the development professionals and humanitarian aid workers that make up its membership. Their selfless efforts to save lives and improve livelihoods make the world a better place, for those they help and for the whole of humanity. This is what we celebrate on Devex's 15th anniversary, and this is what will keep Devex going for many years to come. Wholehearted thanks and very best wishes to Devex and its remarkable community.”

    Kristalina Georgieva ×

  • Kweku Mandela + SEE QUOTE

    Co-Founder, Africa Rising Foundation

    "15 years is a long time particularly for a platform built to bring people from the development community closer together. But it’s a testament to the vision of the whole Devex team who continue to make the world a smaller and better place through it’s highlighting of people I think are world’s hereos. My grandfather once said when asked who inspired him: 'My heroes do not depend on the position that they hold, however eminent. My heroes are men and women who have committed themselves to socio economic issues, who fight poverty wherever in the world it is to be found. They combat hunger, illiteracy and terminal diseases, and want people to have a decent life. They choose the world as the theatre of their operations, and fight injustice wherever in the world they meet it. Those are my heroes.' I can only say that these words hold true when looking at achievement of Devex and the countless aid and development workers it showcases."

    Kweku Mandela ×

  • Michael Anderson + SEE QUOTE

    CEO, Children's Investment Fund Foundation

    “Devex is one of the few places which brings together news, jobs and data from across the development, humanitarian and climate change sectors. Too often these communities work separately in silos, often trying to reach the same vulnerable children and families. Working better together, sharing knowledge and quality data on what does and doesn’t work will help dissolve these artificial barriers. We can learn a lot from Devex in its ripe old age of adolescence.”

    Michael Anderson ×

  • Michael Elliott + SEE QUOTE

    President and CEO, ONE

    “The heroic work done by the people and organizations of the global development community is truly inspiring, and we’re better at that work because of how Devex connects us. This community is proof that there is nothing that can’t be accomplished when passionate, committed people come together”

    Michael Elliott ×

  • Neal Keny Guyer + SEE QUOTE

    CEO, Mercy Corps

    “Huge thanks to everyone working to alleviate suffering and poverty and build a more just and peaceful world. You all inspire me and it is because of your dedication that we can all believe in a better future. In that spirit, I join the rest of my colleagues in wishing Devex a happy 15th birthday! Thank you for providing such an enriching space for development professionals. We appreciate all you do to support the global development community.”

    Neal Keny Guyer ×

  • Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala + SEE QUOTE

    Former Finance Minister of Nigeria

    “The development business can be tough, heart wrenching and even sometimes dangerous. Yet, there is no greater reward than seeing that impact made on a child's life or a nation's development. I salute all colleagues in the global development community and thank Devex for its unique role in keeping us all together and connected. Happy 15th birthday Devex!”

    Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala ×

  • Philippe Cousteau + SEE QUOTE

    Co-founder & President, Earth Echo

    “Happy Birthday Devex and congratulations on 15 years of making our world a better place. By forging new partnerships and strengthening existing ones in the development world you have left an indelible mark for which each and everyone of should be eternally grateful.”

    Philippe Cousteau ×

  • Ray Chambers + SEE QUOTE

    UN Special Envoy for Financing the Health Millennium Development Goals and for Malaria

    “Our historic progress on the health-related MDGs would not have been possible without the millions of aid workers and development professionals doing their remarkable work, day in and day out. I would particularly like to acknowledge and applaud the hundreds of thousands of workers on the front-lines, including community health workers, for their invaluable contributions to delivering vital services to the most vulnerable people, in the hardest-to-reach places. They are the backbone of global health and we owe them our gratitude. And congratulations to Devex for 15 years of fine journalism-- keeping public health and development at the forefront of the public eye.”

    Ray Chambers ×

  • Susanna Mudge + SEE QUOTE

    President & CEO, Chemonics

    “The global development community has made remarkable progress over the last 15 years, thanks to the tireless work of countless individuals and organizations, including Devex. Happy birthday, Devex! Thank you for doing so much to help all of us do good and do it well.”

    Susanna Mudge ×

  • Tony Elumelu + SEE QUOTE

    Chairman, Heirs Holdings, and Founder, The Tony Elumelu Foundation

    “Charity need no longer mean that its recipients should remain forever dependent. The philosophy of Africapitalism, which I subscribe to, urges the private sector to make long-term investments across key sectors in Africa to empower people in a sustainable way. I commend all the aid workers and development professionals who make an enormous effort to address the social and economic problems that exist in our world today, and I wish Devex a happy 15th birthday. May your good works continue to flourish.”

    Tony Elumelu ×

  • Winnie Byanyima + SEE QUOTE

    Executive Director, Oxfam International

    “Development is never just a job: Whether responding to humanitarian disaster, tirelessly campaigning for a fairer world, or supporting communities to fight for a better future, the people I meet give all they can to the role. At Oxfam I am proud to lead a team of such people from all around the world. Thank you Devex for the chance to recognise your many thousands of other members, and to wish your community a very happy birthday.”

    Winnie Byanyima ×

It all started with a simple idea ...

... that development and aid workers deserve a media platform as professional and committed as they are.

And for a few friends eager to do something good, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Back then there was no online community for global development professionals, no single source of news, insights and information critical to the business of doing good. So, 15 years ago, we dropped out of graduate school, quit our jobs and got to work.

It was hard going — harder than we expected — to convince aid agencies, development banks, and implementers who had been around for decades that the world was changing faster than it seemed. Development wasn’t going to remain an “us-and-them” proposition with dotted lines connecting donors in London and Washington to nongovernmental organizations and contractors in those same cities and finally to beneficiaries across the globe. Today’s development industry looks more like a bowl of spaghetti, and that’s a good thing.

Globalization and competition have come to development as they have to every other industry, and if Devex has played a part in that, we’re proud of it. We’ve tried to democratize aid, demystifying how you start a career at UNICEF or win a grant from EuropeAid. Nothing can describe the feeling of meeting an African engineer who tells you she couldn’t get a job working on a development project in her own country until she found Devex.

Development is less and less an insider’s club. If you’re a committed professional, there’s a place for you. It’s still harder than it should be for those in the “global south,” but it’s getting better. Innovation, entrepreneurship and growth are the watchwords for today’s development community. Things are moving.

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