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What's next?

It's a question that new graduates hear a lot as they prepare to put their new degree to use in their career. Oftentimes it's hard to know exactly what that next step is since it can be dictated by myriad factors including current hiring trends, your level of experience and of course how you present yourself to hiring managers. Devex can help you navigate all of this and more as you decide what's next for your global development career starting right here.

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#GradWeek: Answers to recent graduates’ 8 most common questions

As graduation quickly approaches for university students around the globe, many aspiring global development professionals are asking themselves: What’s next? Whether you’re just finishing an undergraduate program or wrapping up a graduate degree to help propel a career transition, making the jump from classroom to workplace is a daunting endeavor.

What did these 3 development leaders learn from their first jobs?

Fresh graduates can learn from these development leaders, who are now making decisions to help shape the future of global development.

Recruiters weigh in: 7 of the biggest mistakes recent grads make

An interview can go up in flames just as easily as a first date, and a poorly written cover letter is a surefire way to get cut from a candidate list.

2015: Where are the global development jobs?

Africa, Asia and….? In which sectors and regions are recruiters predicting the most hiring this year? Discover the answer to this question and more in the results of Devex's benchmark career trends survey.

Your 1st job after grad school: what to ask of your employer and yourself

Career coaches may dole out advice on how to get that first job, but how do you navigate the first few years after graduation, which tend to be critical to your professional development? Relief International Senior Program Officer Scott Webb guest blogs on the topic.

Graduating soon? 6 things you should do right now

May graduation marks the newest group of individuals looking to launch or further their careers in international development. In between studying for finals, defending a thesis and sending out commencement invitations, here are six things soon-to-be grads should do right now.

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