Democracy Matters is a global conversation hosted by Devex, in partnership with International IDEA, to discuss accountability as a central element of deepening democracy. With the recent adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, attention is now shifting to their implementation, and democratic accountability is a key component of realizing this overarching framework for the next 15 years of development cooperation.

Improving accountability mechanisms deepens democracy by making it more responsive to people's needs and aspirations. It enables ordinary citizens to exert their full civil and political rights, allowing their voices to be heard. When government officials are held accountable, there's a better chance that democracy as a system delivers and responds to the needs of the people.

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Hear what the experts are saying about democracy and its role in global development.


Stronger parliaments, better democracies

There can be no accountability without parliaments, writes Martin Chungong, secretary general at the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

Sustainable Development

Achieving greater accountability and democratic governance through innovation

Accountability and participatory democracy are deeply tied together, writes Gwendoline Savoy, director of Market Intelligence at Scytl.


Democratizing the eradication of poverty

To ensure success in the Sustainable Development Goals, we need participation at all levels, writes Mosharraf Hossain.

Sustainable Development

What Guatemala's elections mean for combating violence against children

Guatemala's new president and its international donors should ensure progress in combating sexual violence, writes Holly Burkhalter.


Harnessing radio to promote democracy in Ivory Coast

In the wake of violent civil conflict in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Essan Emile Ako turned to the radio to promote peace and reconciliation.

Sustainable Development

How do we respond to democracy's 'rollback' crisis?

Anthony Smith, CEO of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, gives his perspective in this exclusive guest commentary.


The key to CVE, health and education? Good governance

Good governance is a precondition for other dimensions of a country's development, writes Aleksander Dardeli, vice president of IREX.

Sustainable Development

Supporting democracy in closing space

Finding ways to promote democratic reform in an environment with deficient political will is crucial, writes Democracy International's Jed Ober and Michael Cowan in this guest commentary.

Jan Eliasson

Jan Eliasson: Let's make lofty principles work in practice to tackle refugee crisis

As we observe International Migrants Day, if we truly want to solve the Syrian refugee crisis, we need to go beyond rhetoric and deliver results, Deputy Secretary-General of the U.N. Jan Eliasson explains in an exclusive #DemocracyMatters interview.

Sustainable Development

A key role for regional organizations in Agenda 2030

Agenda 2030 offers opportunities for regional organization, write Eleonora Mura and Luis José Consuegra from International IDEA. Looking ahead, what primary policy recommendations can ensure these opportunities are reached?

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From Our Partner

Learn more about International IDEA's work to support sustainable democracy around the globe.

Democratic Governance and Sustainable Development

Why does democracy matter for the post-2015 development agenda? Experts talk about why peace and good governance are crucial to the well-being of societies around the globe.


Read the policy brief

Democratic accountability is a fundamental dimension of the SDG framework. Learn how it can make a difference in practice.


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