What is
Candidate Sourcing?

Let our candidate sourcing team do the legwork on your next hard-to-find position or help your team during proposal season.

We can provide you a more tailored shortlist of interested, qualified, global development pros than a traditional executive search firm - and without using your entire budget.

In 2 weeks or less we will send you a list of 3-8 vetted and interested candidates ready to talk about your open position.

Standard Rate

Where do candidates come from?

We're connected to a network of over global development professionals from every country, background and career-level you can think of.

Using our reach and the search tools we've built specifically for development recruitment, we're able to tap into talent that fits even the most exclusive criteria.

has Devex worked with?

From Chiefs of Party to sanitation engineers and everything in-between, we've helped these organizations make smarter, faster hiring decisions through Devex Candidate Sourcing.

Associates of Devex
Associates of Devex
UNOPS has used Devex Candidate Sourcing for several senior positions - often in remote or challenging environments. The Devex team demonstrates honesty and professionalism delivering shortlists effectively and efficiently.
Kirsten Fonager,
Human Resources
Associate, UNOPS
Knowing that Devex can extend the reach of our recruitment beyond our usual sources for finding candidates is of huge benefit to our hiring team.
Jeanne Ellis, Director, Social
& Environmental Impact Management
at Cardno Emerging Markets
Devex was crucial in my recent career move.The application process was straightforward and easy, and now I am working in a great job in West Africa.
Catherine Belfield-Haines,
Director of Communications,
eHealth Africa

Is this an automated
service ?

No way. Making sure the right development professionals are out there contributing to your mission to make the world a better place is just as important to us as it is to you.

Our in-house team of global development recruitment experts will be there to collaborate with you throughout your search.

Candidate Sourcing
Katrina Roxas
A highly skilled recruitment specialist, Katrina has a reputation for uncovering those hard to find candidates and skills sets for even the most challenging of roles.

Kat has been a critical leader of our team, sourcing top candidates for key positions at IRC, Care International, UNHCR and UNOPS in addition to vetting applications for Devex Career Forums and other exclusive career events.
Senior Director & Editor
Recruitment & Careers
Kate Warren
With over a decade of recruitment experience for international NGOs and agency contractors, Kate understands the ins and outs of development hiring from the recruiter and the jobseeker perspective.

Our talent expert-in-residence, she makes sure our community of recruiters gets the insights and information that they need to understand where to focus hiring resources as well as the right tools and innovative solutions to find- and attract- the best talent.

Is there
anything else

I should know?

Yes. If you want additional support from our team on things like preliminary interviews, reference checks or even running a targeted campaign or hosting recruitment events, we have a proven track-record on each of these services.

We would be happy to talk with you about what would work best for your organization to keep your strategy and your budget on-track.

How do I
get started ?

Tell us a little bit about what you're looking for, and we'll be in touch right away!