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Bilateral Donor Agencies Open for Partnerships

With private sector corporations playing a larger - and increasingly critical role - in global development, the vast majority of bilateral donor agencies are reorganizing to better engage them through partnerships.

Download this Devex report to find out how DFAT, DfID, GIZ, JICA and USAID have been leading the transformation.

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Report summary
The vast majority of bilateral donor agencies are reorganizing to better engage the private sector. But because development partnerships are a relatively new focus area, some bilateral donor agencies are more advanced than others. Operating models, contracting protocols, nomenclature, and even development approaches can differ considerably donor-to-donor. 

In this report, Devex analysts bring you a closer look at five bilateral donor agencies that are organized to engage corporations and active in the public-private partnership space. While the case study examples inside give just a glimpse at the ways these donors are working with the private sector, they offer practical information for corporations interested in partnerships.

Learn more in the report about partnership with the: 
-   Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
-   United Kingdom’s Department for International Development
-   Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
-   Japan International Cooperation Agency
-   United States Agency for International Development 
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